Friday, September 14, 2012

This Friday Was Particularly Sweet

Here it is Friday! - I only say that because after all the years I worked outside the home, Friday was the day to anticipate after all the hours slaving away during the weekdays.  Trading my time for some money.  Had to do it: money is needed to live, to eat, to have a bed at night.  But now that I'm retired, I have more flexibility with my hours and must say it's wonderful.  But we all must pay our dues over the working years - it didn't come free - it didn't come without sacrifices but I always had my goal flashing in front of my eyes. And now Fridays are even sweeter.

Today I got bored for about 15 minutes.  Since there is always something to do, it wasn't long before I decided to do a bit in my craft room and then to make a batch of cookies.  That always seems to let off my steam and enjoy the creative side of my brain. My friend, Vivian, gave me a cookie recipe book several years ago for my birthday - and I've really loved it.  From that very cookbook today I chose Soft Molasses Cookies.  ummmm uummmm are they ever good. Definitely want to make more of these sometime.  Ate my a few more. You know they are always their best right out of the oven!!  Now I need to put the remainder away in a cookie jar or freeze them for later.  Maybe I will stay out of them that way. Can't believe Sweetz hasn't sauntered into the kitchen with this unbelievable smell... You think his smeller isn't working?

Soft Molasses Cookies

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