Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Can Be Beautiful But Cruel

I told myself I would walk on the treadmill today.  Well, it's 8pm and I haven't done it yet.  But the day's not over. There is still hope...  We had another scorcher today. We weren't home during the heat of the day so I just looked at the weather meter and it shows we had a high of 100 today!  My, my, my - that's a hot one.  Somehow I know this summer will be a rough one, both on our bodies and on our electric bill!  It's DOWN to 89* now and already feels much cooler.  I just watered my patio pots and they are so dry, the water runs right through the cracked soil and out on the concrete.  I've found the best way is to water a little bit at a time, making several rounds so the water is retained better.   

Today, the Sweetz and I decided to head out to enjoy some views of other roads and by-ways.  We started at the bank so we'd have a few bills to use for eating and hunting/gathering of necessaries.  We only opened the wallet one time and that was for lunch.  I got the kiddie meal which has just enough for me.  Sweetz had the regular size and barely finished it.  I can remember when we ate the biggie combo, but those days are over.  My metabolism obviously is set at senior speed because I can't handle that much food anymore.  Ahhh, another change in the progressive walk toward old age. My mom is 90+ and going strong most days, but I sure don't want to walk this earth that long.  Plus, I have no daughter to dote on me during my old age.  Boys are quite nice for unscrewing a tight lid but are lax in the caretaker role.  

We drove out and about, heading to our local city lake but there were lots of cars everywhere so we decided fairly quickly to return another day when it hopefully is quieter.  We saw sunflower fields, fields of shriveling corn stalks, an apple/peach orchard along with old barns, abandoned homes, and homes with gorgeous flowerbeds obviously tended by long water hoses.  Life can be cruel in the heat of a southern summer. 

These apple trees have definitely been irrigated

Corn is very dry in this heat with insufficient rainfall

A bee came visiting in this huge sunflower field

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