Friday, June 29, 2012

You Get Five Minutes

Sweetz had his consult with the gastrointestinal doc this morning at 8:30, so we were up and rambling early this morning.  Upon our arrival, the nurse took him back for his admission workup and gave me 197 pages of medical history forms to complete.  Nope, it wasn't all that bad but there was a form for every little thing.  There goes another tree.  Seems they should have just given me the access to their computer new patient history screens and I could have just typed all the answers in that way.  
Then they took him back to the examination room and I was asked to join him there, with forms and pen in hand...and there I sat at a little desk and finished the forms while first the PA and then the doc make their brief appearances.  I think we spent equal time with the receptionist, the nurse, the PA, and the doc.  AMAZING. Guess that's the new spin on healthcare that we are faced.  Like in the future, what's to stop the healthcare gods making us go to a big clinic, register, complete forms, and take a number to see the next available doc for the allowable five minutes.  But I must say the doc and his staff were nice, no complaints in that area. 

There was a new patient in the waiting room who was cussing and grumbling about the forms she had to complete.  Ended up the nurse took her back to an empty room and proceeded to just ask her the questions.  But the patient still wasn't happy and I could still hear her mouthy exchange going strong even as we were heading out the door.  Whew, somebody needed her mouth washed.  

We grabbed brunch at a nice little cafe and the food was delicious.  Then we backtracked all my stops the day I lost my camera lens cap but apparently no one had found it.  Oh well, looks like I will be buying one at Ritz Camera or online at a site like B&H Photo.  Could be worse - it's just a lens cap.      

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