Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Black, Round, and Revolves?

Mom's Tires!!  We got the four today and had them mounted.  For some reason, the guy who aligns them was booked, so we'll have to go back on Monday.  Unbelievable!  THREE TRIPS just to get tires.  Previously, I have bought tires and before the receipt was printed, the tires were mounted, balanced, aligned, and the guy is handing me my keys.  Not this time.  Is this the way things will go now?  Whatever.  We got them and they are on.

We're going to my cousin's funeral tomorrow - out of town.  The lady behind the tire counter said it would be ok to drive that far and back but she stressed I must come back as soon as possible to get them aligned. OK, OK, OK, I'll be there.  An appointment was made in the big appointment book sitting on the counter - one like was used in a doctor's office where I once worked.  All official like!  She even asked me if I wanted a little card with the appointment time on it.  Nope: I put it in my smartphone calendar which will even buzz me an hour before the time as a reminder.  Gotta love technology.  While I sat in the waiting area, I even used that little gadget to read and answer emails...even read some online newspapers.  Yep, luv me some technology. 

Mom was starving by this time, so we found a seafood restaurant down the road and got there in time to beat the Friday night fish lovers.  She ordered a shrimp plate and my little 90-year-old mom ate every last one of them!  And there was enough there to share with me...did she offer?  NOOOO, she just kept stuffing them in her mouth.  No, I really didn't want any, since I had eaten before we left home so wasn't very hungry so I ordered a side salad and baked potato.  Even with that, I was stuffed.....but....maybe a few shrimp would have tasted good with my salad.  I'll never know.  :)

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