Sunday, June 24, 2012

Learning Curves

The clock just keeps ticking away and I sometimes don't get on my blog to add my daily doings.  Ahhh, better than being bored with nothing to do, I'd say.  Seems the days go faster each and every day.  I'm back to reading again.  Yep, the poorly-written books along with the good.  It's my opinion that library patrons should be able to grade books so that future grabbers might save some of their precious hours and bypass those books.  Maybe we could paste on letter grades printed on stickers, flashing warning lights, or the book might even disappear from view down a shaft to the basement.  Whatever, there are some that just don't need to occupy precious space on library shelves. 

Sweetz went to the doc Friday and the lab results were laid bare and explained to us.  Not as bad as we had envisioned.  Guess it's better to go in with the lowest expectations than to be blindsided.  So, MainGuy is on meds for now, and hopefully when he has another round of labs the results will have improved.  His cholesterol is 163.  Can you believe that number!!  And he now weighs less than me.  Told him I wasn't his "Little Woman" anymore.  Yep, it was an embarrassing moment.  And yep, again, I got on the treadmill last night while he sat in his recliner, munched on treats, and watched a ballgame.  Life isn't fair.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - can't blame anyone but myself.  Just think, this could be the first day of the new and slimmer me!  Keep dreaming, you readers out there in Bloggoville.  I could make it yet though, with just some determination and motivation. Maybe there's a store shelf somewhere that has a bottle of motivation for sale.  It's all in the brain, you say?  Well, maybe there's a skinny healthy brain on that same shelf... 

We celebrated our 44th anniversary Friday night by eating out at a nice restaurant.  It definitely cost more than our number of years married - but worth every buck.  Pat and Wil joined us who were also celebrating their anniversary, howbeit ten more years than us.  We waited till we were twentysomethings to get married and they married while she was still in high school.  I wouldn't recommend getting married so young, but in their case it has worked out beautifully and they have a strong and secure marriage.  Wil even loves to mention that she was so young he had to sign her report cards!  

We went to a friend's surprise birthday party this afternoon.  They have a lovely home and her family and friends were just delightful.  We were served a delicious BBQ meal with all the trimmings which ended with a big slice of birthday cake with scoops of peach ice cream.  Yummy. 


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