Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decision of Magnitude

Today was monumental in the passing of ObamaCare here in our country.  Now, it's a tax levied on the citizens to cover all of us and unbelievably the Supreme Court thought it was constitutional.  I'm at a loss for words.  Get out the box of nails. 

A big limb fell from the poplar tree which shades our little greenhouse and landed maybe three feet away.  Ohhh, that was CLOSE.  That limb knocked lots of branches off in and around the area but at least the greenhouse survived unscathed. I harvested some onions today.  Ummm, they sure smell good.  I gave mom some garden veggies today - enough for a couple of meals. 

Speaking of mom, she just called.  Said she had the veggies for supper along with a bit of chicken she had leftover from an earlier supper.  She said it was food fit for a queen!  Glad she's enjoying them.    

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