Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heart Aches

My SIL and nephew have put my brother's Mustang he lovingly restored up for $ale.  My heart is bleeding. 

Mom and I spent the day together - went to Burlington, NC.  It was a beautiful day, kinda hot, but the humidity was reasonable and the clouds were big, white, and fluffy.  We treated ourselves to lunch at a tea room called Tea For Two, an ultra feminine place where we felt pampered which was just what the doctor ordered.  

There is a gift shop next door so we decided to browse for awhile and mom bought herself a couple of things.  I didn't see anything that sparked my buying gene.  Close, but no cigar. 

Since Alamance Crossing was nearby, we headed there to browse a few shops - most of our time was spent in Hobby Lobby.  Walking in is the easy part. Walking out without buying a buggyful of goodies is the challenge.  Bought a few little things I needed to complete a few projects.  And I completed three projects when I got home!!!  Love it when projects are completed.  

We weren't hungry but still weren't ready to head home so we ordered a light dinner at Mimi's Cafe.  Nice place to eat and the wait staff were very nice.  

Well, I survived this giant day of memories.  I can now put this day to rest as well as my head on a pillow soon.  I think next year's anniversary of Wayne's death will be easier.  He wouldn't want me to mope around but would prefer I found something fun to do.  So, that's what I plan.  But thanks, Wayne, for being my big brother for 64 years.  You will be remembered fondly.  Save me a seat! 

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