Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sticky Stickers

Mom and I got her tires aligned yesterday, then went to the little  office with the long lines and got her registration renewed for another year. There's a little sticker that goes somewhere, used to be on the license plate, not sure where the powers that be want us to stick it this year.  Is it there or maybe the front windshield, possibly the side window?  Whatever, it goes somewhere.  If all else fails, we'll read the instruction sheet.

We ate supper at a little Japanese restaurant yesterday.  Good food AND they let us get the child's plate.  Neither one of us want the regular-sized plate, the small one is just enough.  And the white sauce???  Great stuff.  

Now that I'm thinking about food I have a question:  Why do some cities (Philadelphia, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York City) not allow/restrict feeding of the homeless?  Why would they do that?  Why doesn't the mainstream media cover this?  Doesn't make sense to me. 

We had some rain last night.  Not sure how much...the rain gauge was moved from there to further out there to here to next to that...and at one time flipped over.  Great!  So, I don't know how much rain we got - at least 1/3 inch since that's what's left in the gauge.  But trying to obtain an accurate reading is difficult since we have so many trees blocking the rain.  There's always the option of putting the gauge out in the middle of the road.  Naaah, guess that isn't a good idea either. 

Seems I've run out of available photo space on this blog.  BUMMER!  Now, do I start a new blog?  Do I delete the pictures for the first couple of years and just show recent ones?  DRAT!! 

4pm:  SweetziePoo is scheduled to have labs drawn tomorrow.  He has to be NPO after midnight and he's ALREADY talking about eating a big supper to prepare.  HAHA  He is allowed to drink coffee in the morning - but he doesn't like coffee.  Think that goes for allowing unsweetened tea?  He'll probably just have some water.  Then Thursday he'll have a physical and find out the lab results.  We're praying for good results.   How long can I hold my breath?  

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