Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swelter Summer

Today turned out to be HOT, as in steamy - making me extremely thankful for my A/C.  The south has some advantages, but when the heat gets over 80/dripping with humidity, I am not happy.  Today the temp went up to 99* but I couldn't get my camera out in time, so had to settle for a picture showing a lower temperature.  Bet I get another chance - and today is ONLY June 20 - heard today is the first day of summer. 

Today I called to make reservations for our joint anniversary dinner Friday night with Pat and Wil.  We received an anniversary card and newsy letter from my SIL today which she closed with: "PLEASE stay in touch".  Wish she would get online so she could keep up with us and our doings, complete with the news and pictures right here on my blog.  Emails are great too.  But I must admit a computer is not in her comfort zone. And she HAS one too.  Wayne used to do all that.  Sure do miss my brother too.  The dry humor, the teasing, the joking.  One funny man. The 27th will mark one year since he died.  Seems like just a few months, but it went fast.  Linda mentioned she went to Quantico National Cemetery on Memorial Day where he is buried and it was beautiful with flags on the roads and at the grave sites. Bet that was an awesome sight, and would make some gorgeous photos.

I hung out another load of laundry on the clothesline today!  They are dry, folded up, and put away.  And I fixed a scrumptious bacon, egg, biscuit, and grits breakfast.  Ever so good.  Maybe I will win the Domestic Diva award today! 

Today was also the day to repair some earrings.  I keep them in a container until it seems worthwhile to get out the jewelry supplies.  With a bit of snip, twist, and curl, those are fixed and ready to wear again.  It was more difficult than that, but it gave me something to do.  I need to stay out of trouble, you know!

The orange/black ones were some I made a couple of years ago to wear at Halloween. Made one new set today - the blue/black ones on the right side of the glass to wear with jeans.  I have a couple of necklaces without coordinating earrings, so I need to get them out to see what I can come up with.  Another day, dearie - another day!    

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