Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Not Time Yet

Nope, it's not time get up.  But here I am - awake.  Tossed and turned awhile but never could get back to sleep.  I started thinking about this and that plus a couple of other things and the brain wouldn't shut down.  Not that I'm smart or anything!  Maybe what someone else can think during a normal day might take me longer!  Anywhooo, I'm awake and up and drinking Mountain Dew like a crazy woman.  Don't I have any more sense than to drink this high caffeine drink???!!  Oh well, it's delicious going down, refreshing all the cells, and giving a zing to my brain.  Maybe I need to drink this all during the day!  Nope, then the brain wouldn't want to sleep at night.  Well, whatever, here I sit with all the world asleep around me.

Last night I saw a cute phone pouch online and decided I'd try to make myself one.  I have a smartphone and am constantly on alert to not scratch the screen (even though I have a protector screen on it, it still is on my mind).  The phone pouch had an adorable owl on the front, but I decided I'd do something different so I sketched this and that and the other and finally decided...on a tea pot.  I LOVE TEA so thought it was a perfect fit.  I grabbed a few pieces of felt and cut out the front and back of the pouch plus a few tea pot pieces for the front.  I think I'll do a bit of embroidery - or maybe paint some steam coming out of the spout and maybe even a tea bag - haven't finalized those details yet. 

Since I got extremely sleepy last evening, I headed to bed early.  Well, early for me - at least lately.  But at 4am I woke with my brain working on ideas to finish the phone pouch.  Brains are nice during the day, but I want mine to shut down during the night.  Hey, at least I have one that still works!!  I should be thankful.  And I am.

I cut some hydrangea blooms yesterday from one of our bushes that produces deep royal blue blooms.  So pretty.  And they are so perky sitting beside me right now.  Some people have pink blooms.  Think I need to figure out what I can do to get those colors.  Since I can't add any pictures to my blog right'll just have to imagine what these look like while I enjoy the beauty. 

The birds are waking outside.  From the sound of it, I would figure they had a good night's sleep...unlike some of us...  

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