Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Mister had his labs drawn this morning - piece of cake, he said.  The phlebotomist told him his veins were the kind that were needed to teach new students.  Not mine.  They are small, hidden, and bouncy.  His are wonderful - big, obvious, and cooperative.  Many, many years ago when I was taking hematology class, we had to stick our fellow students to learn how to do it.  I didn't find it very difficult as I remember.  We started practicing on oranges, then progressed to willing (??) peers.  I got my partner's vein the first time and she returned the favor.  Maybe younger veins are easier - like the saying goes: "youth is wasted on the young".  hehe   I have a retired friend who was a phlebotomist who was one of the best at sticking people at our local hospital.  Plus she had a wonderful personality to match, always making patients relax with her reassuring manner.  

Sweetz and I ate an early lunch after his lab tests, bought a few groceries, picked up some medicine for one of our katz, and swung by WallyWorld for a curling iron.  One item on my list was CDs to use to burn photos; but my conclusion after looking at that shelf was that CDs were obviously becoming outdated only to be replaced with DVDs.  Figuring those would go too, I opted for a 16 GB thumb drive.  That should hold quite a few photos!  Seeing that I have a few hundred photos on each of two memory cards, I need to get on that task soon.  They do have a way of getting out of control fairly quickly. 

Today I was asked to do a typing project for the local hospital.  Nine typed pages later, it was proofed and emailed to the director.  A bit later I received a thank-you email from her.  She wrote that she has another project:  monthly mailings to members of a committee.  Doesn't sound too bad, but she thinks it would be better if I went into the hospital to do that since I can use their resources: color laser printer, postcard sheets, address labels, postage meter, etc.  I'm still pondering ways to do this from home.  After all...I'm retired and love to piddle in my jammies and scuffs.  Somehow I think the hospital would frown on my dress code preferences... Can a volunteer be fired?   

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