Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Fixes

Whew, we had a busy day today.  It was pretty but awfully hot and humid.  But this is the south - the norm on many summer days.  Doesn't make me LIKE it though.  We've had some mighty dry days lately and I must admit, I was getting spoiled.

After some inside clean-up duties and a load of wash hanging on the clothesline, I helped Sweetz put together his greenhouse. 

Doesn't he look fabulous in his sweaty and dirty clothes?  Yep, they're already in the hamper.  He moved some of the wood pile and leveled off the ground then we put together the structure frame and proceeded to attach the cover and ties. 

The little greenhouse is now situated in the garden so will be protected from the harshest winds and rains.  Probably should have waited until the fall to put it up, but he was anxious.  It has two doors and four windows with screens.  Hopefully, lots of veggie plants will be started in this greenhouse and I can even envision plants producing happily on into the fall.   We must have hope -  miles and miles and miles of hope.  Oh, and I'd like a change too. 

Mom's heading back to the lake for a few days with a friend.  My books are due tomorrow so I'm off for the library and might drive out farther into the country to find the venue for a wedding I'm to photograph in July. You don't reckon the wedding day will be all hot and humid now do you you? Whew, sounds like I'll be snapping lots of indoor shots!  Mom had a plumbing leak over the weekend and some plumbers did a temp fix yesterday then returned this morning for the permanent fix.  Seems there is always something to do or fix with a house. 

Look at this porch tomato plant!  Unbelievable number of cherry tomatoes on just one plant.  See the little red tomato near the got picked today.  Keep 'em coming!     

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