Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day


Not sure where the time goes, but it flies.  Up, up and away...  I need to capture it in a bottle so I can enjoy a bit more of it. 

I'm enjoying the use of my new phone pouch, and no...I haven't increased my photo allowance for this blog so you can see it.  That's another thing that proves life is going faster than I do.

It's Father's Day and mom and I will take Sweetz to Red Lobster for a great seafood meal after church.  Then we'll return home so he can open his gifts.  He'll love them I'm sure and all the attention.  OK, it's my turn for the shower, gotta run or it'll be my fault we are late for church. 

Our lunch was just superb at Red Lobster, must say it was excellent.  There was quite a wait for a table but everyone was hanging around happily and no one seemed irritated about that. I was glad to have a great meal and not have to cook it. We had the nicest little waitress who took great care of us. Even though she was hustling around, she never looked stressed and held a smile the entire time.   I even bragged on her to the manager. 

Two of the boys called their dad tonight.  Nice touch. 


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