Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bad And The Good

Today was a crazy day, beginning with a call that a friend had died of an aneurysm this morning, then Sweetz received a call from his doctor about his lab results.  It ended up that Pam is still alive  and healthy but it was her daughter (mother of three) who died.  I'm thrilled that my friend is still alive but it must be heartbreaking to have your child die leaving three grandchildren motherless.   

When the doc called hubby, he stated there was an elevated PSA reading on his latest blood results.  Everything else was within normal limits.  I asked a good friend who's a nurse what all this meant and she filled me in with some facts and possible scenarios.  Her dad had an even higher result and he's still kicking and having a great time, we also have another friend who had about the same findings and was treated with some medication and a biopsy and is also still doing great.  I'm trying to keep an optimistic attitude, knowing all along that God is in control of this and all things on this earth and I will leave this in His loving hands. 

Our anniversary is this weekend and we share joint anniversaries with good friends.  We've been co-celebrating with Pat and Wil for several years.  This year we've decided to make dinner reservations for Friday night.  Pat's having a medical procedure tomorrow afternoon but she's confident she will be okay by Friday night.  Can't have her falling asleep through dinner!  Sweetz has a doc appointment Friday morning to discuss his labs so somehow I can imagine the dinner table conversation will include medical issues as well as hopefully some happier topics. 

On my drive to the library this morning, a doe leaped out of the bushes and ran right in front of my car less than a mile from our house.  Whew, that was a close encounter!  I was praying she was the only one and I did make it past that area without another one springing out of the bushes.  A driver behind me was aggravated  that I didn't keep up a break-neck speed, but cruised along just a bit over the 45 mph speed limit in that area. Boy, was he mad! When I came to an intersection to turn right, he zoomed past me making his presence known.  Probably received a one-fingered salute too, but I chose not to look. 

The library was filled with kiddies who were involved in some sort of reading program.  I'm thrilled that the families are encouraging reading as I'm convinced that will be a wonderful asset all of their lives. There are several signs posted in and around the library warning us to turn off our cell phones.  But I didn't notice one single sign that said to keep our voices down when we are talking to someone.  So, after listening to two extensive LOUD conversations between moms and children, youngsters crying at the tops of their lungs, plus a few whiny folks, it was time for me to check out and head to the nearest Burger King.  I went inside to nibble on my value meal burger and shared the dining area with one other man.  The drive-through was busy though. As I was watching the man head to his truck, he reached down and picked up a coin, then another, and another, and another.  PAY DAY!!  He checked each one and then put them all in his pocket.  Hope he found some rare coins...

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