Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Tis just a tad on the warm side, but not uncomfortably so since the humidity is low.  We do need rain, but that will come.  Actually WeatherGuy thinks we will get some tonight.  ....BUT it's to come with strong winds and thunderstorms.  Well, I decided to take a quick look at the weather again and guess what?  Looks like it's fizzled for our area.  Bummer, and we needed rain.  OK, it'll day.  And we'll smile that day.

After church we ate with some friends.  One couple has an anniversary this month too - the day before ours.  We've celebrated together before so we thought it would be neat to go out to eat at a nice restaurant again this year too. 

I bought a skirt on Friday - just saw it hanging on the rack and it was "all me" from waist to border.  I love red, so this deep red one was yelling my name.  Then I spent the rest of my browsing time looking for a blouse.  Got one, but it wasn't just right but "would do" in a pinch.  But several hours after I got home, I remembered I had a few things in my summer clothes boxes that might go well with it.  And I found two shells and two jackets that were perfect with it, so I can make at least two outfits out of it - and probably more if I searched a bit more. 

The blouse is actually pale yellow and the jacket is purple - although in this blog it looks like I'm wearing red, white, and blue.   Sweetz decided to wear his yellow shirt and lavender tie so we'd do the matchy matchy Sweetzy thing. 

Mom is doing better after she accidentally stepped on a broken straight pin.  Yesterday, the ER doc saw the pin on the x-ray but decided it was too deep for him to get it easily.  She's to call the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow to see him about getting it out.  She's walking some by holding her heel up but mostly she's behaving by sitting in her recliner. 

We have some pretty flowers in the yard now which offers a much nicer view outside this time of year with pretties instead of brown grass; or worse - see white stuff on the ground! 

This is astilbe which has beautiful airy white flowers.  After the picture was taken, the red and pink plants bloomed.  Our butterfly bushes are blooming now and soon the butterflies will flutter around and be happy. 

Our hydrangea bushes are now complemented with orange day lilies.  Ahhhh, a bit of eye candy wherever I look.  And we have a new red rose bush - and it has a bud.  Can't wait to see it open and smell the most delightful fragrance in the world.  Well, only second to gardenia maybe. 


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