Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mental Games

A storm decided to roll through here about 4pm - but it was a non-storm event in actuality.  A bit of thunder, a tad of misty rain, a mild wind.  Whew, we lucked out on this one.  Would have been the third night in a row if it materialized.  I must admit, I was glad to have a night off from the booming and shaking.  Anyway, it's a tight squeeze crawling under the bed! 

I checked with mom and she's doing great - changed her dressing herself and said it was fairly easy.  I left her my non-nurses nursing handbook in case she hit a snag. Talk about captivating reading --it's a winner for sure.  Yipes, I spelled that weiner and then that got me to thinking of our Congressman by that name who's trying to play under the radar.  I say get out, our Congress doesn't need this behavior.  Seems more and more of his peers feel the same way.  Are there any who honor their marriage vows anymore!?  I'd like to think so.

Our church service was good this morning. Our preacher loves alliteration. Pastor Tom preaches from a printed passage from the podium with a plethora of presentation points for us to ponder to prevent us from plunging into the Pit.  Why do preachers love alliterationOf course, I enjoy alliteration so I'm not criticizing, but it just makes me think - ahhh, but pondering could be dangerous.  Sometimes when he begins his message and he reads the passage, then starts his outline with one phrase using a certain letter, I sit in my pew and work down the verses trying to figure out what words he will use next to tie his points together.  I might get one or two right, but he's obviously smarter than me.  Well, after all he does have a week to prepare this sermon to find those perfect words and I have to do it spontaneously.

I used to work with a smart lady who loved to play mental games.  She got me to thinking about things in a different way - to think outside the box - to flip things upside down and reshuffle them.  Every day she'd email me or visit my office and she'd have a new mental project for that day.  Never met anyone like that before and it was exhilarating to complete the project by her deadline.  Then she'd have me meet her somewhere at a predetermined time and we'd compare them.  I know it might sound dumb, but actually it was fun!  And I felt like those exercises kept my brain humming.  She left though - on to a better job.  Although I think about her occasionally and sometimes I run across ideas that probably would have given her joy. But I hope there's someone in her new location who is enjoying her mental games as much as I did. 

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