Monday, June 6, 2011

Bone Man Makes a Judgment Call

The good news: the orthopaedic surgeon would work mom into his busy office schedule today so we headed to his office while I sat and entertained myself doing a bit of peoplewatching in the waiting room.  Mom was kept busy filling out the monstrous STACK of documents on a clipboard.  I finally asked her if in all those thousands of questions she was asked for her panty size.  We had a little chuckle. I doubted any minute detail was omitted.  

She is a bit hard of hearing so sometimes our conversations were not as private as I'd prefer.  Oh well, live and chuckle about it later, I say.  There was a laborer who had a problem and they worked him in also.  There was a lady accompanied by her young daughter who obviously had just hurt her left knee who looked to be in severe pain.  Then a lady came in for a followup visit.  And lastly a man who was a Workers Compensation patient being seen by another doctor wanted another opinion.  At one point a drug salesman came in to see the doc but was turned down - he was too busy seeing patients - but if she wanted to wait...So she patiently waited and waited and waited.  

After what felt like eons, the nice doc actually came into the waiting room himself and called my mom to follow him to the examining room.  How's that for special treatment!!  And she didn't even have her papers completed! She handed me the clipboard and pen and asked me to finish them in the examining room as she hobbled through the waiting room following the nice doc. 

So, I completed the last 3 pages, which generally amounted to describing all the surgeries, illnesses, family history, etc. in her 89 years of life.  Right.  Oh yeah, all on one line under each question.  At least I wrote fast.  It had been taking mom forever - plus she was asking me how to spell alot of the medical words, which she couldn't hear, and had to ask me over and over and over.  So, all the patients in the waiting room knew her ENTIRE life's medical history by the time she went into the inner recesses of the office. So much for patient confidentiality.

But I'm pleased he was so nice and worked her into today's schedule.  Bottom line: she will have the residual pin piece removed in the operating room on Thursday.  Yes, the whole nine yards and of course, a suitable bill for each of the nine yards.  

Someone recently crashed into our town's historical monument at the "circle" and thus we are only left with the stand it was on.  Some residents liked the monument, others found it controversial. I predict the city council will discuss this situation for months on end and some lame excuse for a decorative piece will be erected - maybe a dog or a tree.  But whatever is chosen, it will never be considered controversial but will conform to the political correctness of our times. 

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