Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Explorer in the Driveway

My brother is here visiting.  What fun, we are laughing and teasing and having a ball.  Why couldn't we have had this much fun when we were growing up? Obviously, childhood is wasted on the young.   

We ate at a Japanese restaurant for dinner - sure was good but I couldn't finish my plate, so the kind waitress put the remainder in a take out box for later.  Then Wayne wanted dessert!!  Not sure where he planned to put it but off we drove for an ice cream shoppe.  Nothing for me.  He ordered a LARGE chocolate fudge sundae with extra chocolate fudge!  And yes, he ate every bite.  He may be wolfing down anti-acid pills before morning but so far he's appears fine.  Sweetz ate a brownie delight while mom ate a single dip peach yogurt cone.  I sipped part of a drink and marveled over the fact they even had room for dessert!! 

I need to get on the treadmill and work off some flab.  Should I try getting on again tonight or wait till the blisters from the last workout heal?  At least I have a decent excuse tonight!  What can I use next week?  Is there a website with a list of believable excuses?

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