Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bat Wings

It's a bat.  It's hanging on the bricks on the front porch.  Interesting little fellow/gal.  They eat something like 75% of their weight in insects each night while I sleep.  No problem with me, enjoy your smorgasbord, little one.  I'd never seen one in person other than in a cage at a zoo and certainly had never been this close to one.  He usually sleeps during the day behind one of our house shutters, but this afternoon for some reason he wanted me to see him.  Or maybe he wanted to be the star of my blog today. 

Even though the temp topped out at 96* today, the humidity was 46% - which is quite comfortable for that temperature. 

I found a four leaf clover as I walked to the house after picking the beans and squash.  That will guarantee they keep them producing, right?  I've been poking them in my lucky book, not sure what I will do with them but at least it's been fun to see how many I can find without really looking.

Poor Weiner, well since he's not my favorite politician, it would make my day if he would have to pack up his office and head home.  Since Huma is out of the country with Hillary, he would have plenty of time to sit in his empty house and ponder his stupidity.  Now, we hear that she is pregnant which presents another aspect into their marriage woes. 

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