Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grunting 'n Groaning

Went to church this morning and it was a real blessing.  

Sweetz and I met my brother and mom at a seafood restaurant and ate our fill.  We all ordered the senior portions and still I couldn't eat all of mine.  Was good though.  Noooo, I didn't have fish.  I ordered chicken strips to have something different. With Ranch dressing as a dip.  Yumm.  The slaw and baked potato were delicious but still I couldn't eat it all.  The nice waitress gave me a take-out container to put my last two pieces of chicken in to enjoy at home another time.  There's enough in there to make a sandwich or to chop up for a serving of chicken salad, or to slice some over a tossed salad.  Nothing wrong with leftovers if done correctly.  They can add a surprise to another meal.  If I wait too long to eat it though, Sweetz will claim it.

Speaking of Sweetz, he's going to call for an appt to see Doc Look N. Poke.  He says he's having to go to the bathroom too many times for it to be normal and thinks a good checkover and some labs would be helpful to rule out some things. 

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