Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dressings Aren't Always For Turkeys

I tried to find my nurses' cap today, but it must have been at the cleaners.  So, I just flipped open my Non-Nurses Guide To Home Nursing Procedures by I. Ken Nerse II. 

Right there in chapter 2 were the steps and diagrams explaining how to remove a bandage and clean a wound with cotton swab and peroxide. It got a bit complicated when step 3 described the  technique for applying antibiotic cream.  Something about a Q-tip and squeezing the tube - that part nearly left me in a tizzy.  Never could figure out how I was to squeeze the tube with a Q-tip.  Way too complicated for a layman to comprehend.  Gracious, by step 4 I was out of my element trying to rip open a bandaid and stick it correctly on the wound before the bandaid stuck to my hand, wrapped half around my hand, and then had no sticky section to adhere to mom's foot. Whew, maybe if I do this a couple of times, I can keep the bandaid from curling back on itself and successfully get it attached to her foot before I use all the bandaids in the box. Yes, and it might be a good idea if I stop at Rite Aid after church tomorrow to buy a industrial sized box of bandaids. 

While changing mom's bandage today, a storm decided to sail through. Wind, rain, dark skies, thunder.  I had walked to her house so I knew I had to wait for the storm to blow through or I could find myself in Kansas.  Didn't take too long and thankfully there were no trees or big limbs down in our area this time.  I took a picture of the road toward our house and a wet leaf as I walked up the hill. 

Sorry, there are no pictures of the bandage change although Medical News Digest wants to feature me in their July issue. 

Looks like my brother will be coming to stay with us a few days soon.  Surely that doesn't mean I have to clean house!!!  And was wondering if having company would eat into my sudoku and reading time? You know, a girl must have her quiet time! Surely it isn't necessary to have delicious homecooked meals on the table 3 times a day!  He loves to golf - ahhhhh, I'll buy a bag of colorful tees and send him off for a day of fun. If he gives me any lip, I can always offer to make reservations at Comfort Inn.  They even promised to keep the light on...

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  1. Nope, Motel 6 keeps the light on and we don't have one in our county, do we?? Enjoy your brother's visit.