Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Searching For Pain Relief

Mom is scheduled for her foot ripping surgery on Thursday.  Just kidding, although the good doc did say he would start with a small incision but might have to keep making it bigger and bigger and bigger until he finds the pin.  He said it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Wouldn't that be more appropriately stated like searching for a PIN in a haystack?  Well, he was trying to be funny. I still think a good magnet would come in handy. 

She had her pre-op visit today.  All went well.  Thousands of questions answered.  Blood pressure fine.  EKG was exceptional.  Labs done and hopefully all results will be within normal limits.  She's not nervous - actually, I think she's enjoying all the attention.  Not me!  I'd avoid the OR unless it was vital to my next breath.

I read alot today - an Amish novel.  Quite good and it was nice to sit and relax inbetween my other exciting adventures.  What kind, you ask?  Well, mopping the kitchen for one.  Doesn't that just drip with excitement?  Laundry is also one of today's activities that got the excitometer pumping. Cooking and dishes rank right up near the top of the happy range too, but they have to be done. But since I really don't mind those chores, I can say with all honesty that it really was a great day.  

I had to reschedule my hair cut appointment with Ms. Scissorhands since it was originally scheduled for Thurs during mom's surgery time.  She's having trouble with her back - said she has a bulging disk and hurts alot.  She has an appt with a doc for an injection on Tuesday.  Hopefully she will be out of pain soon.  Do I need to start looking for a new scissorlady?  Actually, she uses a razor to cut my hair.  Hey, maybe she needs a new name.  Ms. Gillette maybe?       

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