Friday, June 3, 2011

Girls Lunch Bunch

Today was cooler with low humidity - a wonderful summer day.  I had lunch with 3 good friends I used to work with.  We met at a Chinese restaurant and had a great time chatting over our lunch.

Our garden has been sharing her goodies with us for several weeks.  Today we got 3 cabbages and a leek. 

The beans and squash are coming - might need a few more days before they are a pickable size.  Sweetz mentioned today that he'd like to go camping next week if the weather cooperates - great!  That determines the day we pick veggies - but we can do that just fine if it guarantees we get away a few days. 

Mom and friends are heading to the lake tomorrow.  One of them has a lakeside place and they have already picked two different times this month to go.  Mom hasn't felt very well for the past couple of weeks so it will be nice for her to get away and enjoy being with her friends while enjoying a view of the lake. 

My thoughts dwell on a former coworker who lost her good friend today after a battle with cancer.  I know she will miss the joy of his smile.

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