Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have A Plan

It was hot, hot, hot today!  Our thermometer registered a high of 96* today.  June 1, can you believe these temperatures!!  I prefer the milder spring temps down in the 70-80s, but God didn't ask me to determine the temperature today.  Needless to say, I mostly remained indoors but did sit on the front porch for awhile in the shade.  I worked outside a bit, but it didn't seem as bad if I just sat.   

The sudoku book is getting manhandled again.  Sometimes I nearly get stumped, then try a different approach and most time all I need is one more number to resume the process.  Ahhh, gotta love mind games. 

Tomorrow I plan to work on a sewing project. Might also get a bit done on my mending pile.  It's good to have a plan - at least it sounds good to have a plan.  Ouch, I can still remember my recent experience.  My plan should definitely not involve sewing my finger this time.

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