Monday, June 13, 2011

Splish Splash

Flowers are blooming around the yard, such pretties they are.  The butterfly bushes, daylilies, verbena, zinnias, bee balm, hydrangea, some of our prettiest roses, along with some other beauties.

We picked beans this morning and I took a bag down to mom's but she was gone!  Yes, Ms. postsurgical patient had flown the coop.  I walked around her yard and picked up sticks and limbs that had blown down during Saturday night's storm and was at the corner of her lot near the road when she came home.  Said she had gone to the post office.  OK, that means she must be feeling better. 

New commandment:  Thou shalt not worry about Ms Postsurgical Patient after witnessing independent driving. :)

She asked if I'd like to go out for lunch.  So, after I changed clothes and combed my hair, we headed out to a local diner (I drove) for some deeeeelisheoscrumptuous broasted chicken.  Ummmm.  No pictures - I was too busy attacking the chicken wings with much smacking and munching on the slaw and mashed potatoes to grab the camera. Yummmmm - good!

Talked to our son today as he drove home from work.  He and his family will be coming over Sunday to celebrate Father's Day at our house.  I'm thinking that grilling out as much of the dinner as possible would enable the big guys to compete in the Master of the Grill game. 

The little guys can play in the yard - now, wouldn't it be neat to have some summer yard toys?  I'm thinking that anything water related would keep them cool.  We don't have a pool.  But guess we could buy a small one at WallyMart so they can at least cool their little bodies occasionally. Time to begin planning...

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