Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grandson Visit Prep

The grandsons will be coming Saturday to celebrate Father's Day with us.  We're having a cookout - well that's the plan.  It will be a laid back day which is just like guys of all sizes prefer. If we didn't have to swat mosquitoes, it would probably be a perfect day. 

Sweetz and I went to the big city today to buy some yard toys for the little guys.  After several stops at different stores, we finally decided on KMart since they had the best prices plus we saved $7 on top of that with our "shopping card" or whatever it is called at KMart.  We bought a combination volleyball/badminton game set, a package of extra birdies (shuttlecocks), a water slide which attaches to the end of the hose, a frisbee, and an electronic dart board (with the rounded safer tips). Then we went to the grocery store not far from home and got some cookout food items.  The day should be fun.  The temp is predicted to be a high of 94*.  I'll be ready for a nap about the time they leave.  

I used my Hallmark cardmaker program and made two cards for friends this evening using my own pictures on the fronts.  It's always nice to be able to use my own pictures to make them more personal.  Of course, they probably won't suspect the pictures are mine, but I don't need pats on the back - just a smile from the recipient that they like the card.

My brother plans to come next Thursday for a few days.  He'll stay at mom's but that's real close since we're neighbors, so it will be nice to spend some time with him.  He loves to golf...ummm, NOOOO, I won't be going with him there!  Perhaps he will play badminton, darts, or a frisbee game with us though!  

My haircut turned out ok, nice cut, but was a bit shorter than I wanted.  I TOLD her not to cut much off.  Do they ever listen?  It will grow and I will smile in a few weeks.  After all, it's just a haircut!  A lady I know who shaved her hair off during her recent cancer treatments would love to have my head of hair.  So, I will smile NOW and not wait weeks for it to grow.   

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