Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Our son and his family spent the day with us.  We bought some yard toys and the boys loved the water slide the best.  Seems they didn't want to stop to eat. 

Sweetz grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and shrimp on the grill along with some fresh yellow squash.  Yummm.  I rounded out the meal with slaw, marinated cukes, mac & cheese, and green beans.  Most of the veggies were from the garden.  Everything was delicious.  We had brownies and fresh fruit for dessert. 

Brian had a treadmill he wasn't using so brought it here today.  Surely he's not hinting too openly that I need to get back in shape!  Surely not!  It's now downstairs in the man cave.  But Mr. ManCave does not need to use it - it's his little .... well ... well rounded woman who needs to spend some quality time on it.  Guess that's me - and yes, I do need to get on it.  Not tonight.  Think I had my exercise for the day.  I may head on toward the toothbrush and then toward the bed to crawl between the sheets.  Tomorrow would be a good day to start walking.  Maybe I could design a neat progress sheet on the computer to record my progress and to motivate me into getting back in shape.   And I could reward myself with incentives and rewards as I lose weight and get back in shape.  Hey, anything is worth a try. has some neat things - maybe Kevin has a progress sheet already designed that I can use.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Can't you just feel my enthusiasm mounting?   

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