Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toy Department

Sometimes things go wrong in a house.  Today it was a plumbing issue.  So MainMan went to Lowes and bought a new gadget and then proceeded to install it.  Another day he fixed the roller on the upper drawer of the dishwasher. What a guy!  I'm blessed to have him. Yep, I told him and he got a smooch too. 

Today I received an email from a friend I haven't seen in a year.  Sure was nice to hear from her. Makes me think I could surprise her by popping in sometime to visit.  The past year has flown by, where did the months and days go?  I stay busy since I quit work, some of this and some of that keeps me occupied.  Can't say I've been bored more than maybe for 10 minutes a couple of times.  That's a good gauge of contentment, I'd say.  Of course, I like to do a variety of things so there are plenty of activities to choose from.  The winter was the hardest and longest months.  It's not fun being cooped up in the house.  But the warmer months allow me to get out and explore. 

Today I went shopping for Father's Day gifts for Sweetz.  I want him to have plenty to open to make up for the ineptness of some of the family members.  Our son is coming Sunday for a cookout and bringing the kids.  That will be a fun way to celebrate Father's Day. We used to have all sorts of toys and activities when the kids were growing up.  But now? Nope, got rid of all of that stuff years ago so Sweetz and I plan to go shopping tomorrow to see if we can remedy that.  A few boy toys should be around to make life interesting.  But they already have every toy imaginable, so what's left for them?  I would imagine they would like all the adults to be outside playing with them.  OK, does that mean a badminton or volleyball net will be set up in the front yard? I've aged out of that sport a long time ago but maybe I can keep score! 

My hair is getting a bit straggly - so tomorrow I'll show up for my snip snip appointment which had to be rescheduled due to mom's surgery last week.  Hope Ms. Scissorhands doesn't trim tooooo much off.  Yesterday my hair looked awesome.  Today was not a good hair day, but I went out anyway.   

Wouldn't you know it?  Today we got two phone calls inviting us to join them for lunch tomorrow!!!  Drat, why does everything have to be on the same day!  And we had to turn both of them down.  All for the sake of getting beautiful at my noon appt - well, that's wishful thinking. And then we'll head out to do some grandson toy shopping plus buy a couple of items to round out our Father Day's lunch. We have a full gas tank since yesterday I filled my car - at a wallet $ucking price.  At this rate, I may have to start pedaling the 9
miles to the nearest town!  

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