Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Spooky Night

11:00am: Today is Halloween.  I'm not really into Halloween and things spooky but I'll put on a decent act...for a day. 

Mom and I are heading out to get some lunch and then we'll go back to her house and put together the second shelving unit.  It comes in a big box with lots and lots of pieces.  The first one went together real well and we were impressed with the quality.  Hope we can begin putting some of the things from her storage room on to those shelves and get them off the floor.  That room has been a mess for a long time and I'd be thrilled to see it neater. 

A friend gave us a pumpkin.  I have it outside for now.  Just wondering if it would be good to use for baking.... Just to be safe perhaps I should buy a few cans of pumpkin pie mix and avoid any problems that might arise with the use of a pumpkin from unknown sources.  Oh, my friend is a safe bet, don't get me wrong.  Just he went to some farm somewhere and bought some.  They are fine for decorations.  But might not be the best types for cooking. 

I'm off to finish getting ready for lunch and making shelves.  Sounds like fun to me.  Have a good one now, ya hear.  And watch out for ghosts and goblins along your path today. 
9:54 pm: I had my first experience with something tonight.  Must admit this was my first - and hopefully last experience.  I was flashed by a middle-aged man right in the middle of Hobby Lobby tonight!  Yep, right there in the home decor, among the plaques, and signs, and mirrors.  Must say I was not impressed with his "decor" at all.  Didn't blush, felt no embarrassment, just felt sorry for him.  Thought it was sad that he thought he had to do that for some entertainment.  Mom was with me but missed the big show -- or maybe I should say little show.  It was...ummmm...well...not up to my...ummm...standards...

Had some free time today and this is what I created with a couple of felt tip pins and some trash:

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