Thursday, October 4, 2012

Missouri in the Fall

We've driven around on highways and back roads in this beautiful state.  Seen everything from small cottages to huge estates and everything in between.  The topography varies from flat to hilly.  We were driving away from the Amish community we visited when we hit some hills and let me tell you they were the type that take your breath away or cause your stomach to move into your chest.  Wheeeee...I think Sweetz decided to go faster just to increase the thrill. 

The Amish were pleasant and we bought a few things at a couple of their stores.  The girls have such tiny waists!  I'm thinking they work off their calories.  One of the stores sold flour and sugar and other staples in 50# sacks!!!  All the spices and herbs were there as well as beans, peas, soup mixes, honey, jellies, hats, canning supplies, etc.  It's a store that is frequented by the Amish folk themselves and we brushed elbows with several as we checked out all the aisles.  I was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and was hatless.  Two little boys accompanying their mother really found me interesting as they studied me from head to toe several times.  Then they whispered some comments to their mother.  This area of Missouri has an accent that takes an extra second to understand and I'm sure they noticed my southern accent within a few seconds.  I asked the young Amish girl who was checking me out if she had a box to put the items in since we were out of town and didn't want them to break.  She nodded and then smiled so cute as she commented, "Yes, I know".  Yep, I'm sure my accent was a dead giveaway - or maybe it was our car sitting out front with a 1/4" layer of Missouri dirt on it. We do plan to hit one of those car washes before we return home.  I've already wash the windshield each time we get a fill up. 

That reminds me...I was washing the windshield today when a lady walked by and said ever so seriously, "You missed a spot!!"  I tried to get her to take the brush and help me and we had a great time sharing some laughter.  She told me she had been waiting all day to tease someone and I told her I sure was glad it was with me.  

Tomorrow we head into St. Louis to the arch.  Can't wait. 

We found a beautiful covered bridge out in the country today.  We had to park 1/4 mile from it and then hike on a brown pebbled path through the most beautiful wooded area to arrive at the bridge.  The leaves through that area were yellow, orange, and red, and falling gently as we walked along the path.  Ever so pretty.  Not another soul around either, so it was so peaceful to enjoy God's gift of beauty.

Sweetz wanted to visit a few historical areas and other points of interest, which we did.  Walt Disney's homeplace, John Pershing's homeplace...

and the museum and tribute to Sterling Price, a decorated Union General who served during the Civil War.

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