Saturday, October 6, 2012


We recaptured our second and last lost hour today.  So, that made our day a bit shorter but we squeezed in alot of fun. 

Our first stop was the childhood home of Abe Lincoln.  He was seven years old when Thomas and Nancy arrived at their homestead.  The family remained there 14 years. 

Abe and his father worked hard building a cabin and the farm buildings while Nancy and Sarah (Abe's sister) worked hard making clothes, cooking, cleaning, caring for the animals, and tending the kitchen garden.  Life on their untamed Indiana 100 acre farm was hard work and everyone had to do their part. 

 A couple of years after they arrived at this homestead, Abe's mother died after becoming ill from drinking milk that was tainted with a poisonous plant their cow ate.  The family buried her on the hillside near the homeplace but the family suffered great sadness with her death and absence from their home.  A year later, Thomas left the children in order to find a wife/mother for his children.  He returned with Sally who was a widow with 3 children of her own.  The two families apparently blended well while Abe and Sarah thrived with Sally as their new mother. 

There's more to this history but I'll quit and let anyone reading this do some research into this interesting family to fill in the gaps.  We toured the museum, watched the orientation video, and walked the paths through some of the Lincoln homestead, garden, cemetery, farm fields, farm buildings, etc. All was very interesting.

After a stop for lunch at Denny's, we drove to the town of Corydon to see the Squire Boone Caverns. 

There are two caverns but we chose to see the larger of the two.  Although we have been in numerous caves and caverns, they are all different.  This one differed in that there was a waterfall within the cavern.  

The path allowed us to walk over the top of the waterfall which flowed only about a foot beneath our feet.  And it was quite noisy as it fell through the cavern to the floor beneath.  As is usual, the tour guide turned off the lights at one point and it sure is dark down there.  There are some resident bats in the cave but we never saw them.  The second thing different about this cave was the fact that someone is buried in this cave. 

Yep, Squire Boone requested  to be buried in the cave so his coffin and tombstone are right there in the cave.   

So, our day was a good one.  After supper at Cracker Barrel, we're quietly settled in our motel room - complete with a king-size bed.  I intend to put my half of the bed to good use and snore at least half of the night. 

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