Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate

I want to watch the VP debate tonight which starts in a few minutes.  Yep, I know - I should have started this sooner...

After getting some things done around here, we zipped off to the hospital late this morning to check on Wil following his bypass surgery.  I am pleased to report he is doing well, looked fairly perky, and was eating his lunch when we got there.  Not sure how long he will have to remain in the cardiac unit, but hopefully not long.  He showed us his long chest wound - looked like it must have been flipped open like butterfly wings! 

After we got home and got some more things done, I went to mom's to give her a couple of gifts that I had gotten on our trip.  Since we don't drink coffee, I always give her the little coffee packets that we get in the motel rooms - so she is well set with a bag full of those.

Went by one of my neighbor's and gave her a gift that I picked up to thank her for keeping an eye on the house while we were away. Have two more stops to give gifts to two other neighbors, but I plan to do that tomorrow. 

Mom wanted to go out to eat so off we went to a seafood restaurant and enjoyed a delicious fish dinner.  And had our favorite waitress.

I'm beginning to feel more like myself after Heartland jet lag and I'm sure tomorrow I will feel more like myself.

Later:  The VP debate was a challenge.  I wanted to bop Joey on the head or stuff a blanket in his mouth.  He was on a roll to belittle his competition to the point of interrupting him constantly.  Then that inappropriate laugh.  Tell me what was so funny about the millions of people out of work, or the economy, or Iran getting a nuclear bomb!!  And I will NOT believe that the White House didn't know the real reason for the conflict in Libya and the lack of security that resulted in the death of our ambassador and three other Americans!!

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