Friday, October 5, 2012

Stainless Steel Arch

We're settled in a motel outside of St. Louis - into Indiana a few miles.  It doesn't mind where, I'm just glad to have stopped.  

We drove into St. Louis today and walked around the arch although it was rainy.  Not too bad while we were out and about in it.  Sure was pleased with that point.  We toured the museum of the westward journey into the America frontier, viewed the video of how the arch was designed and built, bought a few mementos in the gift shop, took the tram to the top, walked around the park down to the lake, etc.  It was a nice visit although it was a bit different than I envisioned.  A very nice park ranger was so nice to us today up at the top of the arch...a fellow we clicked and he shared a large number of his photos.  He took our picture up at the top of the loop.  I was surprised at how we got up to the top - in a little bitty tram with 5 seats, now I know how a sardine feels in a sealed can.  The claustrophobia could be bad for someone with that illness, but it wasn't too bad since there are two tall although skinny windows which allow you to peek out into the the center of the arch as you progress to the top - and also the itsy tram moves fairly quickly. 

The limited amount of space at the top was also surprising - much smaller than I had envisioned.  There are little windows through which I snapped a few pictures of the buildings at the bottom in that area. 

All-in-all, it was a pleasant day...even though it was rainy.  After all, today was the only rainy day of our entire trip.  So I can't really complain - and I think the prediction is for fair weather tomorrow!!.

itsy bitsy tram to hold 5 people

We're at the top of the arch

A view of the courthouse and surrounding buildings
And the king-size bed across the room???  well, it's calling my name...

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