Friday, November 2, 2012


Really don't have much new to write about.  Rather a decent day in Retireville.  Got up when I wanted, did what I wanted, didn't do what I didn't want to do, ate healthy, took a nap, etc.  Well, I made a pot of soup and we nearly ate all of it today.  That's good plus it warmed me all the way to the toes.  There were the standard home maintenance chores but those were all blah today.  Skies were cloudy until the sun appeared about noon.  Love it when the sun shines.  

Watched bunches of news which raised my BP as I yelled at the TV over the NY Marathon beginning Sunday in Staten Island and crossing the bridge into NYC.  Thought that was absolutely ridiculous to be doing that all around the devastation the area experienced.  But finally Mr. Doomburg relented to the negative  publicity and cancelled it.  YEAH, finally, he saw the light of sensibility. Now, if he can just get some help to those hungry, cold residents.  And how about the non-union Alabama utility workers getting turned away from helping in the area.  It's time to put all that union/political stuff behind them and help the people who would love to have their power restored!!        

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