Saturday, October 13, 2012

Firepit Friends

Sweetz and I went to Lowes this morning to pick up a few things that we wanted for a couple of small projects.  While we were on our trip, I saw a wreath stand that I thought would be simple to copy, so we got gathered the few items today that are needed to make one. Not copying exactly the one we saw, but then it's fun to get ideas and then change them to make them personal. But when we got home today, we saw that the railing spindle we bought was warped.  Oh dear.  Guess we'll head back to Lowes to exchange it Monday. 

We were invited to a friend/neighbor's house tonight.  Nancy is one of those sweet people who come into your life that you love with all your heart the first time you meet them. 

There were maybe 40 people there.  We roasted hotdogs over the firepit and then sat at picnic tables and enjoyed fellowshipping with others at the table.  Hadn't talked to some of them in awhile and it was nice to catch up on the details of their lives.  Tables were set up with all the hotdog trimmings and desserts.  Yummy.  After we ate, the fire was built up and we made a big circle with our chairs and sang songs and shared stories until our feet got too cold to stay any longer.  I met some people I didn't know and reconnected with others that I don't see all that often.  What a wonderful evening.

Our friends, Betty and Ron were there also, and they were so sweet tonight.  Not sure why a cool evening with friends around a crackling fire brings out the sweetness in everyone.  She just called to tell me how glad she was that we went tonight.  Now, wasn't that sweet?  Ron took lots of pictures tonight and he pointed that camera at me alot tonight.  But me?  No camera.  No pictures.  Bummer, why didn't I remember to take it?....

Now, as soon as the dryer buzzes telling me the sheets are dry, I'll have to make the bed. Gotta be ready when Mr. Sandman tiptoes past me! 

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