Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo Memories

I spent some time - ok, LOTS of time, working on culling a zillion trip photos down to a manageable size.  I bought a photo album with a neat travel motif cover and there is room for 160 photos with a snippit of room to write a short memo.  Now, that part I like since I KNOW I will forget what the pictures are and especially what state. 

All the photos I want printed are now saved to a zip drive and I will head to the photo department of  Wal-Mart or a CVS/Rite-Aid kiosk - maybe tomorrow afternoon.  Oops, might wait until Monday morning to do that.  The Free Weekenders need their time to flitter unemcumbered from the retired ones shuffling up the aisles.  Well, do they think about giving me space when I need it?  SELDOM.  They are usually out for #1 and my needs and wants are definitely not considered.  What happened to the thoughtfulness of the youngers anyway?  Oh my, don't get me started on that subject!!

Mom brought me some apples from the mountains one day this week (you don't expect me to remember the day, do you? - Whew, thanks). 

Well, today was Make An Apple Crisp Day.  There's an easy recipe from my gramma that was just waiting for me to use.  And it turned out good.  MainGuy sniffed it out pretty quickly and he declared it delicious as he scooped spoonfuls with some ice cream. 

My piano was getting dusty.  Don't have to tell you what that means.  So, the seat and keys are now dusted - at least where I sit and play!  And I enjoyed banging around on the keys and cracks.  When the piano gets dusty, it's a sure sign that I'm getting rusty. 

So much to little time.

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