Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Smoke

11am:  Well, our small smoke-out was the firepit last night.  Sweetz raked the leaves away from the patio to keep it safer.  Sure didn't want a showy fire to excite the neighborhood and bring out big red trucks with loud sirens!  We sat around and I took our supper out on plates and we ate it while relaxing around the fire.  We even had some desserts...roasted marshmallows for me.  Do love them. 

As the sun set, the air temps drifted into a cooler range.  I was tired from sitting anyway, so drifted around the area, took a couple of pictures of our pink camellia plant as the fire drifted into cooler temps of its own...with a little help from a sprinkle of water occasionally.

But it was a wonderful experience.  Nothing quite like a quiet evening with someone you love close to a fire. 

The second of three Presidential debates was last night.  Sweetz and I sat together in the den watching it, discussing the answers,  the moderator's mis-steps into the debate rules, stumbling of O to avoid his bad 4-year record, and the strong confrontational tone of the debate.  My mind is made up and we will be voting early tomorrow. Now, I need to do a bit more studying on the candidates for the other races in our area. 

There are two people who need haircuts in this home of two.  Hard to wait for a trim myself which is scheduled for next week.  It's also hard to look across the table at the obvious need for a haircut on the hubby.  I have scissors!  And I used them yesterday to trim my bangs as they were hanging down too long. 

Mom went with two friends to the mountains yesterday to get apples and said she'd bring me some.  She honked as she passed yesterday but didn't stop.  Did she get me some apples?  I must wait to find out.  Bet she was exhausted and went home to take a nap. 

I called our friends yesterday to check on Wil to see how he was doing after his heart bypass surgery.  It sure was good to talk to him and he sounded so good.  Said he's been following all the  instructions on eating and exercise.  Said he is up to 11 minutes of walking (up and down his driveway)!  Way to go Wil!!!  Next week he is to go to cardiac rehab and they will really push him on the exercise machines.  I could use some of that exercise.  Oh, and he didn't waste any time before he encouraged me to eat properly.  Oops, guess I need to keep my fingers off the fries... 

12:30p:  Mom just stopped by with some apples!!!  YEAY!!!  Four different kinds: Black Arkansas, Yellow Delicious, Winesap, and Rome. Baking some apple crisps and of course some fresh apple eating will be in my near future.   

Here's some of the geraniums getting used to their smaller pots and super pruning for overwintering.

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