Friday, October 12, 2012

Cookies On My Mind


One of my neighbors who was watching our house for us while we were gone was so appreciative of the jar of Amish-made jelly that I gave her yesterday that she baked a batch of cookies and invited me over today.  She's an excellent cookie baker so it didn't take me long to get my shoes on...  Never one to turn down a cookie, I was there in less than two flashes.  Just ate one cookie though, they are rich.  She said there were two kinds: raisin sugar and cherry sugar cookies.  I chose what looked like cherry and had to drink lots of tea to get it down.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  Nothing wrong with was just extremely rich.  But I kept on till I got  it down.  But even now I have had enough to hold me down for hours.  Rich, rich, rich.  She gave me a baggie of cookies to bring home too!  I definitely will hoard these cookies until the last crumb is gone.  Absolutely, these will be cherished and savored as long as possible.  Sweetz looked at the bag of cookies and said he'd get some later....heh heh heh... IF HE CAN FIND THEM!!  

I've potted the pansies that I bought on our way home Tuesday in a big pot on my back patio.  They should do well this fall and winter and hopefully into spring.  Such darling little perky flowers.  I also pruned the dozen geranium plants outside to get them to a manageable size and now I will let them recoup.  Then in a few days I will repot them to winterize them.  Guess that means I need to buy a dozen small pots at Lowes.  Note to self: Put that on the list Ms. Sweetz.  Then I potted a small portion of the mint to keep inside on my kitchen windowsill.  The mother plant will do well outside throughout the winter and I can even snip enough to use occasionally during the deep freezing months, but having some fresh inside will mean I don't have to get my toes cold.  Most of my herbs will survive a normal winter.  Not the basil and dill though - too delicate.  Yesterday I pruned my basil plants again!  Wow, are they prolific this year.  I forgot about the three plants that are in my flowerbed and they are huge.  Must get those cut.  I am trying to dry these final clippings since I have plenty in the freezer - I will have more than enough to use and sometimes the dried flakes are easier to manage in certain dishes.  I made a big pot of slaw this morning and cut up a few leaves in it - gave it a wow of a boost of flavor.  Added some of my dried dill too.  Oh, oh, about good! 

I bought some cheese while in Wisconsin so fixed grilled cheese  sandwiches to accompany the slaw for lunch.  Yummy in the tummy.  Nothing like home cooking.  But there was a mess to clean up in the kitchen so I made quick work of that so it wouldn't be staring me in the face for long.  Now I need to come up with other ways to eat all this cheese!!

We also bought a pot of mums on our way home Tuesday.  Beautiful red ones.  Never saw that color before.  Now, where will I plant them???  Somewhere special where they can be enjoyed.  Everything can't go in the backyard, so I'm thinking.... The front yard!!!  Yes, the FRONT yard.  Or then maybe the side yard...

Just had a call from a friend who wants me to go to line dancing classes with her.  I have a couple of friends who have invited me to various things, but seem to always turn them down.  BUT, for some reason, I'm thinking I just might get back into the line dancing again.  Did that two years ago but honestly I didn't like the sense of rhythm.  Unbelievable: how can you do line dancing when you can't count 1-2-3-4?  So I dropped out.  She wanted to do 2.3-3.2-4.5-1.1.  But there's another teacher now.  The bottom line is that they will be performing in the Christmas parade.  Well, I'll probably decline that part, but the exercise and meeting new friends will be good during the classes.    

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