Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inner Thoughts

Where does the time go?  The days fly, the hours soar, months float.  I get things accomplished but it seems there's not as much thrust as when we're younger.  Now, there's no one to impress - but myself.  Oh, the hubby is here but he's not greatly impressed by things, or at least he doesn't mention them.  He's a Yankee and they don't seem to be swift with compliments. 

It was a struggle over the early years to deal with this difference with my own southern temperament, but we settled ourselves somewhere in between.  I probably would have been more open but was the dutiful wife and taught myself to hold my inward thoughts more to myself.  It has taken years but I am more open now, more in tune with those around me, and definitely more forgiving.  Years of wear and tear from family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends have assisted in dealing with the rough times.  The ability to see way beyond my own circle begins with marriage and children, then continues with life. 

I enjoy reading Amish novels and even though I can't see myself joining their community, I do appreciate much of their unhurried  lifestyle.  They get so much accomplished each day, even without electricity, but never seem rushed either.  That is a quality I wish for myself.  They appreciate the simple things in life, especially the people in their lives. 

There is a lady who lives in our neighborhood who has taught me so much.  She is older than me and from the time I first met her as a young mother moving into her community, she has enriched my life with the joys of the simple things in life.  Yesterday I hung my laundry on the clothesline and we chatted a bit about the pleasure of this simple deed.  She has taught me the satisfaction of simple cooking with fresh wholesome foods to slowing my steps.  This friend doesn't waste God's bounty but appreciates each of His gifts.  She dresses simply and seems to be content in her days.  She  appreciates the sounds of the birds and the blooms of her flowers along with shared moments from her family and friends.  There's much to learn from other people in our lives and we don't know how many pages are left on our personal calendar. 

Later:  Mom and I went out to eat an early supper and then found ourselves at Wal-Mart.  She wanted a metal shelving unit to store some things in her utility room while I wanted a 3-compartment laundry sorting unit.  As a bonus, I also bought a laundry basket. We both found what we wanted.  Love it when a plan comes together!  


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