Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Home Safe and Sound

We arrived home yesterday afternoon and I was surprisingly tired.  It took me awhile to get my body moving, although Sweetz  unpacked the car while I put things away.  I called mom as we drove in to tell her she didn't have to come feed the katz since we were home.  We talked a few minutes but she wanted to head out on a couple of errands.  Was surprised she didn't want to see me...and I haven't seen her today either.  WOW, guess I wasn't missed!

We are keeping up with Wil's condition following his heart bypass surgery and he seems to be having a better day today.  The hospital plans to move him out of ICU to step-down unit today.  That's good news!! His family has been at the hospital so we'll wait for another day to visit. 

There is some dirty laundry around here that needs to be attended to. My limas and green beans are cooking.  I picked the few black walnuts in our yard - just the few that the blasted squirrels have  graciously left us. Talk about upset  - I was furious to come home and find out there were only maybe 18 or so remaining on the ground!  And to top it off, as I was picking those few up, the squirrels were fussing as me from the trees for gathering their  intended supper!  Grrrrr....  Next year, I must be faster with my bucket!       

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