Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mostly Kentucky

Most of our day was spent in the state of Kentucky:  a beautiful state with the greenest grass and trees imaginable.  The fall foliage is near peak, air was crisp, and the clouds this morning cleared to show beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds.

We passed some huge horse farms, some with black fences and barns but all proudly displaying the family name on the driveway entrance.  Driveway?  Well, what else do you call the fancy gates at the entrance to a large estate?  Now, in midwest states, like SD for instance, the farms are unpretentious, but huge huge huge, with expensive farm equipment and hundreds if not thousands of acres, large farm homes with expansive and numerous silos plus storage and maintenance buildings.  Nothing pretentious there.  They have money but there's no flash of wealth in your face.  They wear jeans and plaid flannels and drive dusty trucks.  Nope, not a pretentious bone in their body.  No one to impress - their neighbors have the same things.  Then there's Kentucky bluegrass horse farms.  Much smaller but the signs of money are out in front to guarantee all notice.  Then there's the arrogant attitudes we noticed in restaurants and shops.  Too bad some folk have to think they need to flaunt their blue blood money.  Yep, what a waste.  They have to slip off their dirty socks the same way everyone else does. 
Toured Ashland, home of Henry Clay, while in Lexington.  The tour guide (Sarah) mentioned they were a middle class family.  Right...sure.  He married upper class - maybe that made them upper middle class... Beautiful expansive home, expensive furnishings, manicured lawns, exquisite formal garden...yep that's middle class. 

Maybe I need an attitude adjustment...

All was not perfect in the family: seven of their eleven children died, Henry had to travel much of the time, etc.
Lexington was generally an average town, didn't see much to grasp our interest today.  Might have been our own attitude.  Did have a fabulous pizza for lunch in a little corner restaurant.  Headed to Frankfort - now that's the quietest capital city I have ever noticed. People were polite and friendly, homes were neat and attractive, businesses were quaint and inviting.  

We decided to end our day in Winchester -- so here we are relaxing in a motel room.  A good movie is on, my feet are in bedroom slippers, and a icy Coke is waiting next to me.  We just decided to not go out for supper since we that great pizza we ate for lunch was sufficient to hold us down until the continental breakfast in the morning.  

Was that a yawn?  Oh dear, I do declare I must be tired.  Time to grab some snacks and get comfy.  This just might be an early retire evening.  

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