Saturday, October 27, 2012

Home Bodies

For some reason I had a spurt of energy this morning so made breakfast from scratch - including real live honest to goodness biscuits.  Haven't made them in quite a while.  I don't eat much bread anyway, and have nearly lost my desire.  But today...I wanted a couple of hot biscuits.  Yep, and I scrambled and over-easyied some eggs/pan fried link sausages for the two of us.  Good breakfast!  Probably been two years since I've made biscuits, and might be that long before I make them again! 

Today was cloudy but we never experienced any rain.  But looks like FrankenSandy is on her way.  We are predicted to have about 2 inches of cool rain but that's soooo much better than the 10 inches the Jersey Shore is expected to receive - along with winds.  Yipes, that's a lot of rain.  We lived in that region for seven years and I can't remember experiencing a hurricane.  Now SNOW, yes.  Lots and lots of snow.  When we lived in Mississippi - that was hurricane bulls eye - and I don't miss it.  Even DC area is expected to get lots of the rainy stuff with Sandy so I wish my sister-in-law safety and comfort during this trying time.  She obviously will miss my brother being there to keep an eye on things, but I'm sure she is checking the windows, doors, outside items, etc. to get prepared.  She always worries about the sump pump in her basement but I believe it has worked ok for the past couple of years. 

We are still getting a mess of green beans every couple of days so I fixed them plus some fried apples.  Never fixed them before, so asked a friend who graciously told me how to make a batch.  Yummmm, were they ever good.  While these two pots bubbled with fresh goodness, I prepared a pan of fish fillets which baked away and soon all was ready.  Talk about a delicious meal! 

This morning while surfing the net, I ran across some neat ideas for what sounded like fairly easy sewing projects.  I saved them to my think I will actually get any made by Christmas??  Things look so cute in pictures, but I've noticed I'm not as motivated as I was years ago.  Did a bit of cleaning today.  Not much, so don't get all excited and get your blood pressure all elevated.  Thankfully, the house stays fairly straight and clean.  Found that doing a bit here and there each day is easier to manage than a full-day of cleaning once a week or so.    

We will be picking up lunch tomorrow after church and sharing a bit of time with Pat and Wil.  I'm sure Pat will be thankful to not have to cook a meal.  There may even be some leftovers for another time.  Sweetz talked to them today and from what I could tell, Wil is improving and for that I am very thankful. 

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