Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Eye Equals Several Feet

My brother was scheduled for cataract surgery this morning.  I just checked in with him and everything went well.  He has a patch over his eye and is comfortable.  He's an avid golfer so he's anxious to again hit the little white ball.  He will get his patch off tomorrow morning and I'm sure the first question he will ask the eye doc will be regarding the timing of his next game.  I ordered him something from proflowers.com.  No, not flowers, but they have other stuff too. My get well gift will be cookies in the shape of a foot with happy faces and one cookie that says something like "hope you're soon back on your feet".  I thought they were adorable, and hope he appreciates my thought. Of course, the total is about double the price listed after they add the shipping, care & handling, tax, etc.  But we only have two eyes and maybe the ol' guy will smile. 

It seems colder than the thermometer registers today.  I keep wanting to turn up the heat to get warm.  Unbelievable how chilly it is today - a real raw cold.  But I'll take what we have as compared to the northern states who are to get slammed once again with a winter snow storm.  Everyone will be laughing even more about "global warming" as they shovel their driveways once again.  Even Dallas received snow and DFW airport is closed!  

From the news, it doesn't seem that the turmoil in Egypt is any better. Actually, today (or yesterday as I believe their day is over now) was the million man demonstration.  From the aerial views, Liberty Square seemed packed with people.  I hope the country will return to stability soon for all concerned.

I finished the painting of the door frames and trim today in the hallway.  The glossy white turned out clean and crisp.  BUT, it shows up the wall in need of repainting.  But the hallway continues around the corner to the dining area and the living room and the stairs, so once I start that, it will be an enormous winding job all the way downstairs.  I don't think spending a year or so trying to determine a perfect color would be rushing that job...

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