Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let Me Get Organized

The forsythia twigs that I cut a week or so ago to force is in full bloom.

Well, I actually have two containers of them so I can enjoy them in two different areas of the house.  Yippppee.  I have PROOF: spring is coming!!!  The weatherman is predicting we will get some snow tonight.  I'm just not going to believe it.  Just looked outside.  NO SN*W.  It's cold enough though.  Hope we get lucky and it moves around us.  I really shouldn't mind, but I'm just tired of snow.  Actually, to be truthful, I'm tired of WINTER.  I lived in New Jersey for 7 years.  Worst years of my life - snow, snow, freezing weather, snow, ice, snow, cold, snow, sleet, cold.  I could go on, but you get the gist.

Our son called tonight.  Sure do enjoy chatting with him.  I think we did a GREAT job raising a son.  Sure am proud of him!  He's the organized accountant type so I enjoyed telling him I created a spreadsheet organized in color for our tax man and another one for camping trip expenses.  Yep, he was smiling, I could hear it right through the phone. 

My SIL sent two pictures of her and my brother with one of my first cousins and hubby that they visited on their travels to FL over Christmas vacation.  Linda also included aValentine she made.  She's so talented - and organized.  Oooops, that reminds me: I need to get a card ready to mail to them tomorrow.  Well, I made the two grandsons' cards which were mailed today, tucked a bit of money inside so they can feel RICH.

Since the plumbers flubbed the under-the-sink leak yesterday, they came back today and completed the job.  Hope it works this time.   

My piano is in desperate need of a tuning or as the tech calls it: a tone raising. I postponed the job too many years and now I have to schedule him for a double whammy job which, of course, will include a double whammy of a charge. He's coming Monday so I get to hear ping/PING ping/PING for over an hour.  Maybe I can read quietly during all that pinging but I know he won't appreciate me watching TV or listening to the radio. I usually schedule him in the fall and I generally go outside on the porch so I won't bother him. But don't think I can wait till warm weather.  Maybe I can get organized with that chore, like putting a reminder on my calendar so I won't put it off next time. 

Sweetz went to the tax man today to get our taxes filed.  Lots of paperwork but it's done for another year.  We've learned how much easier this job is when we keep our records organized throughout the year. 

I finally figured out a gift to give Sweetz for Valentine's Day.  He loves that program about the survivor man.  Well, saw on TV this morning that Les has written a book.  Bet Sweetz would like to read it.  Also, B&N has some RV'ing books too.  Now, the question is whether our nearest store has these books in stock.  Don't have time to order them since I waited so late to determine a suitable gift for him.  I have an appt to get my hair cut tomorrow, but the shop is the opposite direction.  Well, guess I could swing back around and go - well, do I have a choice???  Not unless I figure out something else to buy.  Oh, yeah, I checked with Walmart and found our local store doesn't carry that book.  Now, wouldn't it be awesome if it was there...but oh, to be more organized... 

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