Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hard Hat Areas

We woke to a wet cabinet under the kitchen sink.  While Sweetz dried up the water, I called our favorite plumber.  They came in a bit and "fixed" the leak...supposedly. I walked in the kitchen about 7pm only to quickly notice cold wet socks and took a sneak peek under the cabinet again.  Goodness, water is dripping from the plumber's new connection!  We dried up the water and now have a plastic container under the connection to catch the drips.  Sweetz suggested he turn the water off under the cabinet.  Ummm, might be a good idea.  Needless to say, the plumbers will get another call in the morning.  We have an appt with the tax man in the morning, so we'll have to schedule the plumber guys around the original appt or else one of us will remain home. 

This evening, I noticed a black and white woodpecker sitting on the mat outside our kitchen door.  As I got close, I noticed he was holding his wings out from his body and blinking his eyes a lot but barely moving. 

He didn't seem frightened that I was that close to him.  I talked to him a bit and then decided a picture was needed.  I snapped a few pictures and then called Sweetz to see our little visitor.  Before he came upstairs, a neighbor's tom cat decided to check out the bird but I shooed the cat away and the bird didn't budge an inch.  All remained fine until one of our cats arrived on the porch to check out the bird.  This time the cat didn't obey my shooing motions so the bird, within an inch of his life, finally flew off the porch to a nearby tree trunk.  Whew, safe - just in the nic of time! He stayed there for about 15 min. after which I didn't see again, so hopefully he regained his eyesight and is once again flying safely.

Birds are forever banging into our house or the windows after leaving the bird feeders.  I'm thinking of printing a sign --

Caution: House Is Closer Than It Appears

Or maybe

 Danger: Hard Hat Area

In yesterday's blog, I wrote that one of my friends was given an early Valentine gift from her husband, a red Miata.  I got a quick shot of her driving away from Lone Star although it was way after dark and this isn't a great picture.  Won't she be stylin' driving that shiny red car to work!

I saw my exercise ball the other night flattened up and stored on a shelf and decided to pump it up.  There's a little foot pump that came with it so while I tried to reply to emails, I pumped. Was kinda like rubbing your tummy and patting your nose at the same time.

I've been trying to balance on it and do a few simple exercises that I remember from a couple of years ago.  There's a little booklet that details lots of exercises...but that would mean I'd have to go get it...and USE it.  For now...I'll try to balance my geezer body on it longer than six seconds.  Gee Haw!
 I might need my own hard hat though.

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