Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

We've experienced some cooler weather this week.  It's dry here, sure could use some rain. 

Sweetz and I searched the internet to figure out how to install the new tiller belts.  Would you believe the engine had to be removed?  Well, that was done and the belt drive removed.  We got the two blades on, then reversed the steps.  Sweetz was happy when the tiller started so he proceeded to till some raised beds in the garden.  He wanted to get this done before the predicted rain begins the end of this week. 

He also tilled an area in the middle of the back yard.  I wasn't going to have a flowerbed there, but have one, I do.  My unspoken plan was to place some large planters in that area between a small Japanese maple and a hydrangea.  I put some empty planters in that area the middle of last week along with a small bird bath to see how it would look.  I was happy.   And it has been interesting watching the birds enjoying the bird bath for drinking and
splashes.  Guess the mind of my fella misconstrued that I wanted a full-fledged flowerbed.  Or maybe he just wanted to till something else while he had the tiller running.  My unspoken plan now is to cover the area with lots of mulch.  Or maybe I could just let it go and let the grass grow back...  

We keep reminding each other that we are moving.  That statement is getting plenty of use lately.  But with our present economy, it appears we will be stuck here.  Our long-range plans have been slammed up against a brick wall.  So much for the wishes of the republic.  But for now, we will take one baby step at a time.  

In the meantime, there are books to read, neighbors to visit, daffodils poking up from their winter homes, butterfly bushes sprouting, friends, and family reminding us of the importance of what we are doing, right here where God put us.  We don't need to know His divine plan, only to walk where he directs one step at a time.

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