Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Saturdays?

It seemed like Saturday all day today, but today is a Friday.  Strange how that happens sometimes. So, tomorrow is Saturday but will that make two Saturdays this week? 

I called mom to chat a bit this morning.  She was in a good mood and we talked awhile and then decided to head out for a couple of errands.  I took her here and there then ended up at her house to see some pictures my brother sent of their Christmas in FL trip. It looks like they had a great time.

She loaned me two books to read.  Wow, now I'm flooded with books.  My library books are due in a week.  How will I ever get all these read?  Think I can read the library books first and then take them back then start the two she gave me? I would read some tonight but I'm not sure I can keep my eyes open since all they want to do is close.  Might be time to squeeze in a short snooze. 

I wanted to walk today but didn't exactly get that in since mom mostly wanted to sit.  She's having a bit of a soreness in her left leg and prefers to sit than limp.  Hope she gets that back under control soon as I know it bothers her to not be able to walk.  But Sweetz said he'd walk with me.  Tomorrow is predicted to be a warmer day so hopefully I can get out and about either around the neighborhood or on a local trail.  Yep, with my camera.  I took it with me today but didn't see anything worthy of taking the time to remove the lens cap.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for snapping pictures.  No rain, plenty of sun, warmer temps.  

Another day of watching Egyptian maneuvers.  Mubarak is out, military is filling in.  What will happen now? Will the people finally have democracy with a new leader or be under the rule of a radical group?  Time will tell.  That entire region will continue to be
scrutinized and analyzed by the rest of the world.  Events seem to be rushing headlong into a dizzying speed of change. 

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