Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreary Saturday

We woke to dreary skies and misting weather.  The cold air went deep to the bones it seemed.  Yeah yeah - I'm harping on winter again.  But I'm not a winter person so hopefully spring will come soon and I'll be happy again.

Sweetz and I were both sitting on the bored side of the fence today so we looked outside checking out the weather.  AND what did we see?  Well, there were two does and a fawn in our backyard behind our garden fencing.  I grabbed my camera and caught them together a few times.  I've cropped the picture to get a little better view.  

After they left our yard, they wandered over to mom's property so I called her to let her know and she watched them from her bedroom window.  She was heading out to have lunch with a friend.  See, even my mom is having more fun that me.  Something had to be planned - and fast! So Sweetz and I decided to run out for awhile to see what we could find interesting. 

We ended up at Pizza Hut for a late lunch and then picked up a few things at a couple of stores.  

Afterwards, he even drove around a bit to keep me happy.  Life is sometimes wrapped in small pleasures.  

We discussed a possible alternate spring camping trip - maybe to Florida.  That sounds better than hanging at home until the economy recovers or speculating about future gas prices.  We found a bus tour to the west in the late summer/early fall that sounds like a possibility, so we're thinking of doing that too.  Sweetz is checking out the atlas so think I'll go see if it's in the southern direction.  And I just saw my exercise ball - I think I'll pump it up and see if I can remember any of the exercises I used to do.  Yep, still bored.  How long is it til spring???? 

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