Friday, February 18, 2011

Friends for Dinner

House is clean, pillows are fluffed, kitchen is mopped.  I'm looking forward to entertaining some friends tonight.  Haven't done that in awhile but now I'm relaxed in my "QUIT"ment phase.  Inviting friends over for dinner has an added bonus...some extra cleaning gets done.  It's always needed, so I'm fine with that.  The mop is propped in the closet, the Comet is in the cabinet, the Swiffer is stored. Think I'll catch some Swing Time.  No napping though, not sleepy, just to sit awhile.

They have a dog  - we're cat people.  Bet our two katz will be hiding - they know when they're not loved.

We received our Passport America campground catalog in the mail today.  Sweetz is looking at the Florida ones and grumbling about the restrictions: one night, must stay 3 nights, not valid until May, extra fee for wifi, no waterfront spots, etc. Oh my, is this membership going to be beneficial?

OK, Swing Time, then it will be time to warm up the spaghetti sauce.

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