Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons in Stupidity

Today was slow in several ways, but speedy in others.  I woke early after only 4 hrs of sleep and could NOT go back to sleep.  So, rising was the only answer.  I piddled and ate and piddled and read and piddled some more.  After Sweetz got up, we I talked alot this morning about the possibility of relocating to a warmer climate.  All of this conversation is fun and exciting, but reality hits when you see the area stagnant real estate sales.  So, talk and plan is about all we can do for the time being. 

Even though I was extremely sleepy, I managed to stay awake until a bit after noon, when I determined I HAD to return my library books which were due today.  Stupidly, I headed out and nearly hit a car, found myself swerving into the other lane, and nearly going through a red light.  Oh my, these were all because of lack of sleep.  I should have stayed home and taken a nap first and then gone to the library.  Even taking them back Monday and paying a measly fine would have been more sensible. Sometimes, stupidity reigns the brain.  Well, I got home safely and nearly immediately flaked into bed and within a minute I was out like a light into Sleepy Hollow. 

I feel better now.  Amazing what lack of sleep can do. And I certainly didn't need to be driving. Surely I have learned my lesson never to make that mistake again.  Surely.  But what about the other life lessons I need to learn?

Our dinner and evening shared with friends was wonderful.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and gobbled my food like it was delicious.  Makes a hostess proud.  They stayed until 1:30am and we talked and laughed and talked on and on.  The time didn't matter.  And it would have been fine if I had been able to sleep late this morning. 

Mary brought us a strawberry trifle and I had some for breakfast. Yum. We haven't entertained in quite a while so now I'm ready to invite them and others again.  Plus it's a great way to keep the house clean.  Might have to break out a game next time.  But it was the kind of fun I'd like to repeat.       

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